Open FRIDAY's! 7pm - 11pm STTwintania - Shirogane - Ward 2 - Plot58


We have various DJ'S and include most music genres. Everything from EDM, House, hardstyle to rock, metal and pop. You name it, we have it!
To ensure everybody at Kitsune has the best night possible, we have the following rules in place:
• Leave shout and yell chat for staff members
• Please leave the meld materia and looking for party icons for staff only.
• No minions allowed inside the venue
• Put your weapons away! Unless specified in a Kitsune advertisement.
• No NSFW in public chat.
• No use of spell abilities in the venue.
• Harassment and bullying of any staff members will not be tolerated.
• Dancers do have the right to refuse any services that may make them feel uncomfortable.
• No NSFW services will be provided to Lalafel.

Meet the Team!


25 year old kitty.
At the age of 9 Shana had to take care of herself.
Growing up in the woods of New Gridania, She lived in a small cabin on a small farm. One night her parents never came home after they had to go to a village to buy supplies. After a couple hard years when She got older, Shana moved to the City. There Shana saw her first club and got amazed by the music she heard. She is a DJ now and enjoys to play music for a lot of people.

Manager | Booking Manager

Nacht will always be there to welcome you into Kitsune!
She is friendly, a good listener and loves being there for others, and with over 600 years of experience she is extremely good at it. When out of the club, Nacht spends her time as a green witch foraging herbs for her healing potions and remedies. However, try not to lie to her or fight with her.. or she may just put a spell on you. Nacht enjoys to relax under the stars, and her personality shines just as bright! Please feel free to have a chat with her, she has some very epic tales to tell indeed!

Head of Security

Moon comes from a small town just
outside of Gridania where she grew up with her father and twin brother.
Her mother passed away when she was just 3, so her upbringing has always been somewhat special. From a young age she started working alongside her father in
the workshop as his little apprentice learning quickly to never shy away from a full days hard craft.
As she grew older and got more independent, she moved closer to Gridania and purchased a house for herself, which she now uses as her
very own workshop. Ever since Moon was a child, she was fascinated with the artwork and paintings around the Taverns and small eateries she got to visit with her father. With a good eye for composition and colours but no practical skill in painting and drawing, she found a deep interest in capturing her daily life though pictures.


Nobody actually knows where Conniie is originally from, all we know is that he hails from an ancient vampire demon clan and served directly under Lucifer himself. Nowadays he wanders across the mortal realm looking for places his particular skillset can be put to good use. Don't let his soft face and friendly demeanor fool you, at the first sign of trouble he will descend from the shadows with lightning speed, bearing his vampiric fangs at any who threaten to breach the peace.


Coming Soon!




Kina loves to travel! she has travelled far and wide, seeing a lot fantastic and bad things along the way. But the most impressive she has encountered was the night life and nightclubs of Eorzea. She can be a little cheeky in nature sometimes, but is also extremely kind and has a good heart. "Throw away your worries and just live the moment!

Head Dealer

When you ride like lightning, you are gonna crash like thunder.

Hyper & Macro Dancer

Alice is Mithra born in Vana 'diel Windurst moved to Eorzea Gridania. She loves adventures; capturing Espers or travelling to the planet Gaia. Her favourite story book characters are Terra Branford, Cloud Strife ,Squall Leonhart. Her favourite villains are the tonberries that recur all over the universe.


Head Dancer

Age - 30
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Bisexual
Language - English
Kinks - Open to Anything
Miss is a cute and social kitten who likes to sway her body to the beat of the music. Her bright golden feline gaze will mesmerize you and her enchanting smile reveals she's always up for a good time. Are you ready to have her satisfy your deepest desires?

Kaida Fuji

Age - 20
Gender - Female/Futa
Sexuality - Pan
Language - English
Kinks - Pet play, Futa, Rape play, Anal, Pegging, CBT (Basically everything BUT scat)
Hi! I'm Kaida.. A very cheeky, playful Elezen who is obsessed with pet play. If you want to make my tail wag make sure to come say hi! I'm sure I can make yours wag too 😉


Age - 126
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Pansexual
Language - English/German
Kinks: Futa, Rope play, Role play, deep throat, anal, whip, pegging and more
I don't mind taking control if you let me, just relax and let me fulfil every desire that you have on your mind (even the kind of you didn't know you'd have until now)


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